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About us
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About us

INTERWORLD INVEST N.V. was instituted in the year 2006 in Paramaribo South America and is a member with partners that operate in the National and International markets buying and selling petroleum-based commodities as requested through its associated trading partners.

Much attention is given to cooperation with stablished trading partners in various countries with particular attention to European, Central and South American.


INTERWORLD can count on the vast experience of its directors and partners who have a reputation for their dynamism, flexibility, and knowledge of the international market trends.

  • Our objective is to strengthen the long- term relationships with large companies, refineries, and manufacturers in the field of oil and gas to become a leading market shareholder. We understand this is a competitive marketplace with many time-wasting pitfalls and so we dedicate.

  • Our care is to provide accurate review of contacts and trade procedures prior to submission, provide Guidance and support to our clients to produce rewarding success and follow through with negotiations until the completion and close of the trade Contact and delivery

Our Values

INTERWORLD and Partners operate under strict values of discipline, integrity and confidentiality. It safeguards the interest of its business and logistic partners based on the knowledge and professional services offered through close and well-established relationship with  commercial partners strategically spread across the globe.

At INTERWORLD we are proud to offer services to customers who share both integrity and honest driving interests with key commercial partners that, strongly supported by experts in Commodity Trading very well introduced in business field, as well as by entrepreneurs operating in various sectors of the economy and trading global operations.

Our values


Products and markets segments served by Interworld Invest NV

Crude Oil

Light Cycle Oil

Pet Coke



Jet Fuel

Diesel EN 590


D6 Virgen Fuel Oil



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Main Office

Geertruidastraat #14

Paramaribo – Surinam
South America

Office Gulf of Mexico

Calle 22 x 25-A no 59 Col. Centro 

Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche, México

C.P. 241O0

+52 938 1057855


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